Timetable Sunday

From To  Group
13:30 14:30 Cat & The Bearded monkeys
15:00 16:00 The Spunyboys
16:30 17:30 Nick Dittmeyer
18:00 19:00 Wiseguyz
19:30 20:30 The nice guys
    Dj Jenz von Trap &  DJ SEÑOR J  between the bands

1330 to 1430:  Cat & The bearded Monkeys

Rockabilly band uit 'groot-Leuven'.

Tijdloze klassiekers van weleer vuren we op u af: Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins en vele andere!


Toen de contrabassist, Michel Buelens, en de gitarist, Steven Vanderwegen, een avondje gingen swingen op radio modern in Leuven onstond het geniale idee om een rockabilly band op te starten. Niet veel later trokken we ook drummer Jonas Hendrickx uit de apenkooi en konden de repetities starten. Om wat tegengewicht te geven aan al dat testosteron hebben we onze zangeres, Katrien Van Proeyen, kunnen strikken. Samen met Koen Riemis aan de toetsen waren de eerste optredens een feit! Toen Koen de band verliet hebben we gezocht en gevonden. Saxofonist, Wim Boddin, blies ons weer nieuw leven in! Met deze vier bebaarde venten en de (gelukkig) niet-bebaarde zangeres kan het niet anders dan vonken geven!





Katrien Van Proeyen Zangeres
Steven Vanderwegen Zanger, gitarist
Michel Buelens Contrabassist
Wim Boddin Saxofonist
Jonas Hendrickx Drummer

1500 To 1600:  The Spunyboys

Two words to best describe what Spunyboys music is all about would definitely be those on their record : Rockabilly Legacy. Formed in 2006 in northern France by the brothers Remi (Double bassist, singer) & Guillaume (drummer), the trio gets his definitive line up in 2011 when Eddie (guitar) join em. The Spunyboys use the same ol' ingredients, such as Hillbilly music & 50's RNB/Rock N Roll, to make that explosive cocktail called Rockabilly. The Spuny boat ain't sailing only the Mississipi (New Orleans, Memphis, +Chicago) to get influenced, since he reach the River Thames, surrounded by british rockers too. That is why you can find some Cliff Richard / Crazy Cavan / Flying Saucers covers... in their set right after some Carl Perkins / Ronnie Dawson / Little Richard or Johnny Horton gems between Spuny songs.


Already 800 gigs in 2016, the Spunyboys spend most of their time on tour (through 15 countries in more than 300 cities). Fulfilling their dreams, sharing woods with their idols (from 50's to 90's) in their favorite rockNroll weekenders festivals such as Hemsby/Screamin', Wildest Cat In Town or Viva Las Vegas in 2017!


The band was born and raised on stage through bars and festivals (everybody will get the feeling in their songs "Don't Ring The Bell" or "Honey Hides The Bottle"), surrounded by wild rockers. That is why Spunyboys has to be approached first as a live experience. Three rockin'boys connected on the same motor called rock N roll share their passion with the audience and no one will be immune cause the Jive is infectious. Check their song : "Bop For Your Life"!


The frontman Remi hit the stage to wake you up and you may see him running behind you during the show while his partners set the woods on fire : "Trouble In Town" ("and the gang's to blame!")




Rémi Doublebass/Lead vocal
Guillaume Drums/Backin'Vocals
Eddie Guitar

16:30 to 17:30:  Nick Dittmeier & the Sawdusters

A four piece Americana band from Louisville, KY. They've released two EPs, "Extra Better" in 2013, and then "Light of Day'' in 2014.


Through relentless touring, they've become mainstays of the Midwest Americana scene. In September of 2015, they set ten highway-tested, fine-tuned songs loose in the confines of LA LA Land Studios. The result is "Midwest Heart/Southern Blues".


The new album is a gritty, upbeat collection of songs, full of characters who were developed while staring over the dash of a beat up Ford van cruising through towns in the South and Midwest, whose better days are behind them.

The Sawdusters will be on the road in 2016 and beyond. For fans of the Band, Little Feat, and the Turnpike Troubadours.






Nick Dittmeier Guitar/vocals
JP Payton Guitar
Rev. Bob Rutherford- Bass
Mark Wayne Minnick Drum

1800 to 1900:  WiseGuyz (rockabilly Ukraine)


WiseGuyz were created in 1999-2000 in Kharkov (Ukraine) by the leader of the band Chris Bird. In the very begining we played neo-rockabilly and old-school psychobilly.Since 1999 till 2007 the membership of the band changed 6-7 times. So style of the group have changed to. We found that authentic rockabilly is our true passion, so since 2007 we are rockabilly group. (tryin to get closer to rough authentic sound)


WiseGuyz have recorded 3 albums wich consist of ONLY OUR SONGS and 1 album with 2 cover songs

Non-Stop Boogie (2008)

Dig My Jive (2009)

Don't Touch My Greasy Hair (2010)

Stay Cool (2011)


Since 2007 till now (june 2011) some members of the band have changed to. Mostly we are playing and wellknown in Ukraine and Russia. In May-June of 2010 we made our first steps towards Europenian rockin' scene and played 6-7 gigs in Germany. Our friends "Tazmanian Devils" helped us to.

In October 2010 we have signed the agreement with El Toro Records and now we are El Toro artists.

We are planning to play for more and open new countries all over the world.


Also we have made a tour in may-june 2011. We were in Warsaw (Poland), Leipzig (Germany) and at Screamin' Festival in Pineda De Mar (Spain). Carlos Diaz (El Toro) invited us to Screamin' and it helped us to fix more gigs around the festival.


Now we have changed a drummer and practicing for a new program. And probably we will record a new 5th album. See you on the dancing' floor!!


Facebook >>>


Chris Bird Double bass
Rebel back Voc/Doublebass
Ozzy back Voc/ Drums
Gluck back Voc/ acoustic rhythm Guitar

1930 to 2030:  The Nice Guys - Ghent Belgium

We started back in 2001 when 3 of us(Lieven, David and Diederik), playing in the punkband The Accused,wanted to play some ska.


We added Koen to have our first line-up.When the second release of The Accused (Nothing To Loose) was recorded we added our first 2 songs by The Nice Guys, "Ska Party" & "Toepe Len". We only used Drums, Keys,Guitar and bass-guitar. These songs were very basic and 2tone-oriented. From that day on we moved more and more into a traditional style of ska and reggae, adding horns, turning the keys into a decent Hammond and piano, using upright bass etc.In 2005 we recorded a demo with 12 songs using our own recording equipment.


We've had a lot of line-up chances slowing down the further evolution of the band. We did lots of gigs in all kinds and colours. Since 2010 we've been playing with the same line-up.


Spring 2013 we went to Majestic Studio to record 7 new songs. The people at Majestic were very excited and offered us a record deal to release this mini-album on their label. In august 2013 we were proud to present “Sweet & Dirty.” To release this album with a big-bang, we had the opportunity to share stage with The Skatalites, the day before our official release party.


Agreement has been made to record a full length in spring 2014, with the idea to release this full-album by july.





Koen De Wit

Lieven De Wit

Dries Druyts

David Hermans

Diederik De Vos

Jens Waelput

Wim Lammertyn

Edward Demoor

Hendrik Maes

Dj's between the bands


Dj Señor J