The Ghent foursome Scrammers excels in instrumental rock songs injected with a sturdy dash of punk pop, shreds of surf from the top shelf and a touch of math rock. They form an oasis of rock'n'roll in these harsh times of synthesizer pop and other hipster group.



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Sven Vermeulen Gitaar ♂ Antwerpen (BE)
David Demaegd Gitaar ♂ Gent (BE)
Freek Lauwers Bas ♂ Gent (BE)
Kris Van Meel Drum ♂ Essen (BE)

The fabulous Moonrakers

The Fabulous Moonrakers is an Antwerp based rhythm and blues/swing collective formed from members who all earned their stripes in other bands. They teamed up, looking for a new sound. And here it is!


A brand new team playing brand new material. Whether you’re a dancer or you just dig swing music, make sure you don’t miss this show! 


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Erik Le Clerq Double bass
DJan Claes Guitar
Bart Geysels Baritone saxophone
Jan Mortelmans Vocals
Pieter Vansteenbeeck Drums

Cora Lynn

The Cora Lynn & the Rhythm Snatchers repertoire consists of Rockabilly, Rock'n Roll and Rockin 'blues, all well done and served well! (Reprise and original compositions)

The band released a cd and vinyl end of November 2017.


After many dates in Paris (Balajo, Billy Bop's saloon etc ...) they are currently in Province before attacking the Rock'n'roll festivals abroad.


Rock'n Roll is not dead, it combines with the present and the future. . . Cora Lynn & the Rhythm Snatchers is one of her actors: "keep your eyes open, maybe they'll be home soon!";

Do not miss it! ! ! . . .



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Coraline Audon Vocals
Alexis Mazzoleni Guitars
Andras Mitchell Bas
Red Dennis Drum

The Mudman